Hot Volume Brush for Curling and Straightening with Tangle-Free Technology by Vasari, 1 1/2 Inch


New Mini Vasari 1" Brush

The new Vasari Hot Volume Brush is the secret to getting professional salon-quality blowouts from the comfort of your own home. Vasari’s most acclaimed feature is its tangle-free bristles, which allows for quick and easy styling. These bristles won’t let you down - not only do they firmly grip the hair, but also allow the brush to gently glide and effortlessly create a soft bodacious curl. This brush does not blow air, so for best results use on hair that is 95%-100% dry.

With this new electric curling iron brush, Vasari has also achieved Perfect Heat so you can be sure that it will not damage your hair. With a constant temperature of 180°, it is safe for everyday use yet still strong enough to achieve amazing results in any hair thickness or texture. Unlike a flat iron or curling iron, this brush will never fry your hair. Plus, its ION generator and tourmaline ceramic coating will leave your hair looking healthy, shiny and frizz-free.


So this heated brush doesn’t tangle and it won’t damage my hair, could it get any better than that? Well, yes! The Vasari Hot Volume Brush also protects your fingers with its professional-grade handle and Cool Tip which allows for burn-free two-handed styling just like the pros. Just be sure to never put your fingers on the ceramic barrel to prevent burning and protect your fingers!


Plus, save time with this brush’s 30-second heat-up and 5-second hold.


Safe for USA 110-120V power supply


The professional salon brush, now available for home.

New Mini Vasari 1" Brush

 Vasari 1.5" Brush

5 Reasons to love the Vasari Hot Volume Brush

QUICK AND EASY STYLING - Professional salon-quality hair has never been easier. The lightweight body saves your arms and it only takes 30 seconds to heat up. This brush does not blow air, so for best results, blow dry to 95%-100% dry before styling. 

TANGLE-FREE TECHNOLOGY - Vasari has engineered longer bristles that grab and gently glide through the hair. Achieve great salon-quality body without the painful catching and tugging. For best results, allow the bristles to grab the hair and refrain from pushing the hair against the barrel to protect your hands. 


PERFECT 180 DEGREE HEAT - Great for both curling and straightening, this curling iron round brush has perfected its heat at 180 degrees, getting great results while taking the guessing game out of what is actually safe for your hair, unlike a 400 degree flat or curling iron. 

NO-FRIZZ ION GENERATOR - This heated styling brush’s anti-frizz ion generator and tourmaline ceramic barrel creates a gorgeous shiny finish. Simply slide the switch to the ION setting and see healthier-looking hair.


COOL-TIP BURN PROTECTION - Our professional-grade handle and Cool-Tip Burn Protection allows for burn-free two-handed styling just like the pros. Make sure to never put your hands on the ceramic barrel or bristles to ensure your fingers are protected!

Wash Dry Finish with Correction2

Wash Dry Finish with Correction2

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Our Story

At Vasari, we have one guiding principle: you shouldn’t need to go to the salon to have a transformative experience. This is why we only create salon tools that are easy to use, efficient, and are of professional quality.


Our brand story begins with our founder, Pierre Marchildon, when at 16 years old, discovered just how hair could change his life. Lacking confidence at school, Pierre visited a hairdresser who transformed his unkempt frizzy bob into a sleek and layered one (keep in mind this was the 70’s!). With just a bit of styling, Pierre felt like a new man and his confidence skyrocketed. He quickly ran to the store and bought a round brush blow dryer and blow drying lotion as recommended by his hairdresser so that he could maintain his new look. 


It was this experience that inspired Pierre to become a hairdresser and eventually create the Vasari brand. It is his passion for empowering people to feel their best that embodies what Vasari stands for today, creating easy-to-use premium quality salon tools that make transformation possible.

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